Dreamlike Sardinia

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Discover Sardinia in all its aspects: enchanting coastal landscapes and crystal-clear sea, picturesque places such as the romantic town of Bosa, the bizarre caves of Cala Gonone and a wine tasting with overlooking the vines…
To round off our offer, we have arranged your stay in our beautiful  and perfectly located hotel “Tirreno Resort” with some available dates.

Join the thousands of customers who have travelled to Sardinia with us and our partners:  Success & enthusiasm are guaranteed!

Tour includes

  • 2 Night-ferry crossings Livorno – Golfo Aranci/Olbia and back to Livorno
  • 2 Breakfasts on board
  • 1 Full-day guided tour Costa Smeralda and wine tasting in a cellar
  • 4 Nights half board in 4* Hotel Tirreno Resort
  • 1 Glass of Prosecco on arrival
  • 1 Full-day guided tour Bosa
  • 1 Malvasia tasting in Bosa
  • 1 Visit to Nuraghe Losa
  • 1 Full-day guided tour of Orosei and Cala Gonone
  • 1 Visit to an olive oil mill with tasting
  • 1 Full-day guided tour of Nuoro and Orgosolo
  • 1 Visit Museum of traditional costumes in Nuoro
  • 1 Lunch with the shepherds in Orgosolo
  • 1 Full-day guided tour of Maddalena Island
  • 2 Ferry crossings Palau – La Maddalena Island and back to Palau
  • 1 Tasting of Mirto & Sospiro (Sardinian liqueur and biscuit) on panoramic viewpoint
  • 1 Customized welcome material for the group

Day 1Ferry Crossing Livorno-Golfo Aranci/Olbia

Arrival at Livorno port and ferry check-in. Night ferry crossing Livorno – Golfo Aranci/Olbia with accommodation in inside double cabins with breakfast on board.               

Day 2  – Full-day excursion Costa Smeralda and wine tasting

This enchanted stretch of coast owes its name to the unique colour of the water. Despite the many villas, hotels, harbours and entertainment venues that have been built here since the 1960s, since the discovery by Aga Khan, the beauty of nature still plays the most important role during the visit. The trip gives the visitor the opportunity to feel the sophisticated air that surrounds Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, the refined jet-set capitals of the coast, but also to discover unspoilt parts of the rugged rocky coast where, as in Capriccioli, nature has been at work with its magnificent art. The highlight of this day is the wine tasting amidst the colours of the vineyards, where everywhere the Olivastri, Mirti, Corbezzoli and Junipers  grow spontaneously. You then reach the Hotel Tirreno Resort in Cala Liberotto for check-in, welcome drink and dinner.

Day 3 – Full-day excursion Bosa with Malvasia tasting and visit to Nuraghe Losa

Today you cross the contrasting island from east to west, barren pastoral landscapes and cork oaks alternate with lovely valleys, vineyards and olive groves. The small town of Bosa with its colourful houses and palm-lined river was formed in the Middle Ages at the foot of a mighty castle. Walking through the labyrinth of narrow streets, you’ll discover women making traditional fillet embroidery, as well as the fine filigree work of local goldsmiths. In Bosa you’ll taste Malvasia wine in a magical atmosphere. In the afternoon you’ll visit one of the largest megalithic structures of the Sardinian Bronze Age, the “Nuraghe Losa”, a mighty 4-towered bastion, which with its large brown basalt blocks clearly shows the typical stone-on-stone technique. The way back leads past the largest reservoir in Sardinia, the artificial lake of Omodeo, and to the Romanesque church of San Pietro . The superb building was taken down and rebuilt stone by stone on the edge of the lake. Return to the hotel for dinner.

Day 4 – Full-day excursion Orosei and Cala Gonone with olive oil tasting – optional boat excursion to the grottoes of Bue Marino

Today you drive via Dorgali to Cala Gonone, a seaside resort surrounded by beautiful limestone walls in the Gulf of Orosei. There you’ll take an optional boat trip along the steep limestone coast and visit on foot the 900m long the grottoes of  “Bue Marino”. In the afternoon you visit Orosei, a typical Sardinian village. Visit the olive oil mill where DOP olive oil is produced. Orosei fascinates from afar with its contrasting surroundings: white limestone mountains, brown lava rocks and a fertile river valley with vegetable gardens and olive groves. On a walking tour you’ll get to know the Spanish-looking old town with its many churches, squares and small alleys. Return to the hotel for dinner.

Day 5 – Full-day excursion Nuoro with its traditional costume museum, and Orgosolo with lunch with shepherds. Departure for Nuoro. In Nuoro, you can visit the ethnographic museum, where you can admire traditional costumes, everyday life objects and jewellery, which are not only tourist attractions in Sardinia today, but living testimonies of the ancient culture of this people. Then we go to Orgosolo , which has become the most famous shepherd village in Sardinia thanks to its murals.  Enjoy a Sardinian lunch served by shepherds, including sheep’s cheese, lamb meat, flatbread and suckling pig, accompanied by Cannonau wine. Then visit the village of Orgosolo,  which shows a deep attachment to its barbarian roots, customs and traditions of the past: it is also the home of the amazing “Tenore” singing, an Intangible UNESCO Cultural Heritage, as well as the land of murals. The village is known worldwide for its impressive paintings that decorate streets and squares. They tell of politics and culture, intimate disagreements and popular struggles, malaise and social justice, daily life and pastoral traditions. Return to the hotel for dinner.

Day 6 – Full-day excursion Maddalena Island including myrtle and “sospiro” tasting with a view

Departure to the north of Sardinia. Arrival in Palau and crossing to La Maddalena Island, the only inhabited island of the archipelago with its peak Guardia Vecchia. Our route leads from the beautiful coastal promenade to the alleys and squares of the old town. The small lively centre has been influenced by Liguria, Piedmont and Corsica, as it can be seen in the architecture, language and character of the people. After lunch, we take one of the most beautiful panoramic roads in Europe, around the La Maddalena island. Ferry crossing to Palau. Before returning to the hotel, enjoy a tasting of mirto (typical Sardinian liqueur) and sospiro (typical Sardinian biscuit) on a panoramic point. Transfer to Golfo Aranci/Olbia port and check-in for the night crossing to Livorno, with accommodation in inside double cabins.

Day 7 – Breakfast on board, ferry check-out  and journey home.


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