Day Trip to Anagni and Fumone

guided tour from € 390.00

Group price valid from 20 participants.

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The Pope city of Anagni became famous in history also for the “outrage of Anagni”, – the envoys of the French King Philip the Fair here offended Pope Boniface VIII. That period – between the 12th and the 14th century – represents the golden era of Anagni. Many statues and monuments serve to document it, such as the Cathedral, the Palazzo Comunale and the Papal Palace of Boniface VIII. After the city tour you will have the chance to taste some wine in a typical bar in Anagni (in price not included). Then we will head to Fumone, a fortress on the top of the mountain immersed in the beautiful Ciociaria landscape. This impregnable castle was also used as papal prison. In 1296 the Pope Celestine V was imprisoned here- which is something unique in history- because he had renounced the Papacy.

Full-day – Duration from Approx. 6 hrs.

Guided tour

  • Up to 50 people € 390,00 per bus

(Surcharge applies on holidays and Sundays)

Ticket Cripta Cattedrale Anagni, from € 9,00 per person

Ticket Castello di Fumone, from € 10,00 per person