Hamfestival in San Daniele

Event from € on request

Group price valid from 20 participants.

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The impressive fact is that each and every year 2.600.000 Prosciuttos are made in San Daniele. The climate in this region is unique and every year the citizens of San Daniele celebrate a festival in the name of the Prosciutto. The historic centre is changed into a huge open-air tastingshall and the fabulous smell brings hundreds of visitors every year. However it is not only the ham who draws the guests but also the offered wine and cheese. During these days all the hamfactories open their doors for visitors. This is a great opportunity to discover the secrets of the production.

Tour includes

  • 1 Free entrance
  • 1 Free transportation from the centre to the factories
  • Free music
  • Tasting of ham and wine: payable at the booths