Mozia Island – Saline – Marsala (Trapani)

Guided tour, from € 25,00

Group price valid from 20 participants.

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In the middle of the lagoon “Lo Stagnone” is situated the Mozia Island. Today it is owned by the Whitaker Fondation and is a wonderful place to have a walk through the untouched nature and the ruines of an ancient city of the Phoenicians built in the 8th century before Christ. During our boattrip back to the mainland we can visit a still working saltmill. In Marsala we are going to visit the archaeological museum “Baglio Anselmi” where the still existing pieces of a Punica ship from the 3rd centruy before Christ are exhibited.

Full-day – Duration Approx. 6 hours


  • 1 Full-day guide Mozia & Marsala
  • 1 Boat trip to the island and back
  • 1 Entrance fee to the salt museum