Pompeii and Vesuvius

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During your visit to Pompeii do not miss the opportunity to visit Mount Vesuvio renowned for its burial of Pompeii. Vesuvio offers a dramatic view of the Gulf of Naples. One of Europe’s active volcanoes, Vesuvio is the most renowned one because it is formed by two cones, the external cone and the active inner cone that was formed at a later time. The external crater, the Somma, is approx. 12km long; the active cone of Vesuvio is the 700m wide inner crater. Originally Vesuvio’s activity was underground; in that period its peak and slopes rose above the sea. The earthquake on 5th February 63 A.C. which destroyed Naples, Herculaneum, Nocera and Pompeii. Before it was rebuilt, Pompeii laid buried by the eruption on 24th August 79 A.C.

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