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The finest and largest of all Greek cities according to Cicero, Syracuse was founded from the Greeks in the 8th century BC on an island just facing the coast, Ortigia. This island, the first to be inhabited by Greeks, plays host to an array of remains from ancient Greek times: the Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Athena – the latter was converted into a church by the Christians and today makes up the cathedral of Syracuse, where remains of Greek architecture are still clearly visible – the Fountain of Arethusa, accompanied by legends and celebrated by poets. In the district of Neapolis stands one of the greatest public buildings of the ancient times, the renowned theatre, where classic masterpieces are still performed.

Nearby lies a stone quarry, 65m long, 5m large and 11 m high, named “Dionysus ‘ Ear ” after its particular shape and echoes. Legend says that the tyrant Dionysus eavesdropped on prisoners tossed in the ear.

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