Ancient Rome – The scent of history

Guided tour from € 165,00

Group price valid from 20 participants.

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The Ancient Rome tour starts off in Piazza Venezia and takes you to the Campidoglio (Capitol Hill) a symbol of Rome‘s power that still serves as the headquarter of the city’s government. The Roman Forum was the centre of the ancient city and was enriched with the Imperial Forums later on. Particularly famous is the Trajan‘s Column in the Trajan‘s Forum. In the Flavian Amphitheater, better known with the name of Colosseum, gladiators used to fight to amuse the public. The tour goes on with the Arch of Constantine and the Palatine Hill with the remains of the Imperial Palaces. Depending on the time there can also be a visit to the Circus Maximus, where chariots races were held. The last station is the Pantheon, today a church: this is the best preserved ancient building with a unique architectural structure; here you can also see the grave of Raphael, a great painter and architect of the Italian Renaissance.

Half-day – Duration Approx. 3 hrs.

Guided tour, with the Colosseum from the outside (Duration Approx. 3 hrs. )

  • Up to 20 persons € 165,00 per bus
  • Up to 30 persons € 190,00 per bus
  • Up to 40 persons € 215,00 per bus
  • Up to 50 persons € 240,00 per bus

Guided tour, with the Colosseum inside visit (Duration Approx. 4 hrs.)

  • Up to 20 persons € 210,00 per bus
  • Up to 30 persons € 245,00 per bus
  • Up to 40 persons € 280,00 per bus
  • Up to 50 persons € 315,00 per bus

(Surcharge applies on holidays and Sundays)

Ticket Colosseum and Roman Forum not included, price per person starting from € 18,00