Calvi and the Balagne

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Calvi is the village closest to mainland France. The small town faces onto a very beautiful bay situated at the end of a 6 km long beach. The history of Calvi is inextricably linked with the history of Genoa that for many centuries protected the citadel. In addition to numerous remains from that period the remains of the house where Cristoforo Colombo was borne are still to be seen. Calvi’ s attractive yachts basin is not to be missed. The Balagne has been renowned since Roman times as „the garden of Corsica“. In that period it was a hilly region dominated by farming renowned for its numerous olive trees as well as other products such as figs, oranges, almond and many others. This area was also dubbed the “Holy Balagne” since a great number of the island’s churches and cloisters were built here. A tour of the island will take you to typical villages such as Lumio, housing an amphitheatre, Cateri, with its granite houses, and San Antonino, also dubbed eagle’s nest, commanding panoramic views over the Balagne.

Full-day – Duration Approx. 8 hours