Nuoro and Barbagia

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The Barbagia is considered the heart of Sardinia. The Romans named this region Barbagia at the time of their conquest. As a matter of fact the Romans never managed to submit completely people of Barbagia. Because of the local population’s pride and stubbornness the Romans named this part of the island „the land of the Barbars“ (strange people) meaning any people whose culture is different from Roman culture.

Today Barbagia is still rich in old traditions, while its landscape, economy, building, hospitality and cuisine have maintained their unique characteristics. In the capital Nuoro you can visit the ethnographic museum where costumes, daily objects and jewellery are on display, which serve to document the ancient culture of this people. We explore Barbagia’s interior region peppered with olive groves and wine yards and discover Oliena and Orgosolo, where old traditions have been preserved at best.

Full-day – Duration Approx. ca. 8 hours