Oristano, Tharros and Spaghetti western…

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Today we drive along the beautiful coast overlooking Oristano and the large Stagno di Cabras.

On our way to Tharros you see the typical sheds once used by fishermen and now by tourists. Located on the promontory of Cape St. Marco, Tharros is a natural port, a typical feature of Phoenician colonies. The remains of the ancient Punic-Roman town are clearly visible. Around 1000 Tharros was subject to Saracen attacks and it was discovered again in the 50s. The town has a very well preserved road system, an efficient canalisation system and several ruins from ancient houses, monolithic temples and thermal resorts. The ruins of a pre-Christian baptismal font attest to the fact that the town was already inhabited in the 5th century AC. The small church of San Giovanni is well worth a look. The church was built around the 1st century on a 5th century cupola. The three-nave church has a barrel vault and a baptismla font with the pre-Christian symbol of fish. Further to the tiny village San Salvatore, setting of many Italian western films. The wonderful quartz beach Is Arutas is a must of the tour.

Full-day – Duration Approx. 8 hours

Ticket Tharros ancient city including the Archaeological Museum in Cabras, price per person € 8,00