Sulcis: ancient cultures in the south of the island

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30 km far from Cagliari on the south-western coast lies the small town Pula; the ancient town Nora is situated a few kilometres far from here. Partly below sea level, Nora is a town of ancient origins and has archaeological remains of the beginning of the century. It was conquered by the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians and later it became a flourishing Roman town. You will be in awe of the ruins of a Carthaginian temple devoted to Tanit, the goddess of fertility, a small Roman theatre and a maze of lanes with very well preserved paving, prestigious mosaics and a very particular interesting canal system.Sant’Antioco was founded around 750 B.C. by the Phoenicians as the city of Sulci. Later the Carthaginians and the Romans settled in this flourishing town.  Most of the remains of Phoenician and Roman are to be found under the houses of Sant’Antioco, yet an acropolis and a necropolis have been uncovered atop of the town together with the Tophet, the sanctuary devoted to the highest god Baal where Phoenician inhabitants laid their infants as a sacrifice.17 Km from the city of Carbonia on a plateau of Mount Sirai – at an altitude of around 191 m – the ruins of an old Phoenician fortress from the 8th century B.C. are clearly visible. The imposing main castle built on a Nuraghe is lodged inside the fortres. 

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