The Vatican and its masterpieces

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On the way to the Vatican you come across to Castel Sant´Angelo. This impressive construction was meant to be a mausoleum for Adrian and his family and was later converted into a Papal stronghold. Thanks to a panoramic walk you can reach St. Peter‘s Cathedral, Christianity’s biggest and most impressive church, with art works by Michelangelo (La Pietà) and Bernini (the bronze baldachin). Just outside the basilica you can find the fascinating St. Peter´s Square, a masterpiece of Baroque architecture with its obelisque, the 2 fountains and Bernini’ s colonnade. With the extended version of this tour you can also visit selected sections of the Vatican Museums. Among their amazing works of art: the Laokoon group, the Belvedere Torso, masterpieces of the Greek art dating back to the I century BC. Last but not least,the Sistine Chapel where the papal election takes place, which contains Michelangelo’s masterpiece The Last Judgement.

Half-day – Duration from Approx. 3 hrs.

To avoid long waiting, we suggest to plan your visit of the Vatican in the afternoon.

St. Peter Basilica is closed on Wednesday morning due to the Pope’s audience. The Vatican Museum is closed on Sundays with the only exception of the last Sunday of each month when access is free and therefore masses of people queue up to visit the museum complex.

The following rules have to be followed while visiting the Vatican:

Wear appropriate clothing

No metal or sharp objects, as well as no liquids allowed.

Personal religious objects will be blessed at the end of the Pope’s general audience

Guided tour St. Peter Church and Square (Duration Approx. 3 hrs. )

  • Up to 20 persons € 165,00 per bus
  • Up to 30 persons € 190,00 per bus
  • Up to 40 persons € 215,00 per bus
  • Up to 50 persons € 240,00 per bus

Guided tour Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter Church and Square (Duration Approx. 4 hrs.)

  • Up to 20 persons € 210,00 per bus
  • Up to 30 persons € 245,00 per bus
  • Up to 40 persons € 280,00 per bus
  • Up to 50 persons € 315,00 per bus

(Surcharge applies on holidays and Sundays)

Ticket Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel (reservation fees St. Peter Church included) starting from € 20,00 per person