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Of course Genoa has grown and changed since Goethe, Stendhal and Byron fell in love with it….

Genoa, European cultural capital 2004, has the side of a metropolis now a days. However the ancient city still has the same flair and therefore a walk through it is like a journey trough the middle ages with all its cloisters and the house of birth of Genoas best known son Columbus.

1992 Genoa was the home of the well known EXPO and the then-built ways today are cosy promenades. The Aquarium was also opened in the same year. Within 50 pools it is tried to rebuild the sea life. Today the aquarium is the second most important tourism sight after the church of St. Peter in Rom.

Penguins, tropical fish, seals, corals, dolphins, turtles, grey sharks, snakes and a 3D movie… all this and more can be seen in this aquarium which is located in the real heart of Genoa… the old port.

Genoa: breathtaking palaces, coloured fronts… and in the middle of this wealth we are to get a glimpse of luxurious gardens and backyards. The Via Garibaldi is a World Heritage Site. The whole old town is jovial with its countless little shops and the monumental cemetery which was funded by the bourgeoisie. So you see, Genoa has not only a great daily life but also a history of art.

Appenninenexpress: The sea and the mountains

Genoa is a sea city however it was built on a small hill. The narrow-gauge railway up to the castle gives us the chance of a romantic flight into the mountains.

As the train has only a speed of 35 km/h the difference in height is far more impressive. Ratteling we climb the 400 m up the hill passing little houses and churches from around 1630 on our way. After 24 km the way finds it end in the village Casella where one can drink a cup of coffee on the main square. In front of the Palazzo Fiesco one can try the typical Genoese kitchen.

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