Viterbo and Villa Lante/Bomarzo

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Viterbo is a charming town about 90 Km. north of Rome and is famous for its medieval historic center, which is one of the best preserved in central Italy. Well known is the impressive, crenelated Papal Palace dating back to the mid-13th century when the Papal Curia moved to Viterbo due to constant urban violence in Rome. In 1268 the longest papal conclave in history tooks place inside this palace. The cardinals spent two years and eight months trying to elect a new Pope (the citizens of Viterbo had to lock them iin order for them to make up their minds).

After a lunch break (not included in the price) the tour will head to Villa Lante, a wonderfully symmetrical Renaissance park built on gently sloping hills. It boasts lovely fountains, perfectly tended gardens, and casini (little villas) filled with frescoes and painted vaults. It is known as a jewel of Mannerist art and architecture and will surely delight you with its architectural features.

A second option is a very different kind of park in Bomarzo known as “Bosco Sacro” (Sacred Grove) or “Parco dei Mostri” (Park of the Monsters). Here, giant sculptures depicting monsters, gods, nymphs, animals, and imaginary objects are scattered over acres of woods beneath the Orsini castle. This is a place where young and old will stand in awe of these arcane symbols that seem to invite you to step outside your comfort zone and face the fear for irrational.

Full-day – Duration from Approx. 7 hrs.

Guided tour

  • up to 50 persons € 280,00 per bus

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Ticket Villa Lante starting from € 5,00 per person

Ticket Parco dei Mostri starting from € 10,00 per person